On Saturday, November 22, four St. Dom’s students gathered at the school after hours of hard work the week previous, to begin loading their cars.

Each year, St. Dom’s Key Club sponsors a truly “giving of themselves” event. First, holding a school wide can drive to get other students involved as well; many students decided to give money instead so that we could buy whatever we needed, which was great. Then, using the food we had donated and bought, we filled up 20 boxes to be distributed to the elderly in our area.

Adam Lerette and Nick Jalbert took five boxes and Emily Durgin and I took another five leaving the rest in the hands of our wonderful advisors, Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Cullen. We delivered these thanksgiving baskets to the homes of people who were more appreciative than anyone I have ever met in my entire life. It’s amazing how much a little something can mean to a person, but I think the greatest gift we gave that day was our time. All they wanted was someone to talk to; somebody to share their thoughts with and that is exactly what we provided them with.

On a more personal note, Emily and I have plans to go back to see some of the people we delivered to, to spend some quality time with them, because they don’t have anyone to share their holiday with. I would recommend doing an activity like this to anyone; it gave me such a fulfilling feeling and made me so grateful for what I have.

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