DALLAS (AP) – A mother and her two young children were found shot to death Friday, possibly by the mother who may have also staged a series of attacks on the family over the last two weeks, police said.

Police responding to a report of gunfire found the bodies of 49-year-old Jeanmarie Geis, her 8-year-old son and her 4-year-old daughter in their Dallas home Friday morning.

Frank Geis, Jeanmarie Geis’ husband, was at a doctor’s office at the time of the shootings and was questioned and released.

Police said there were at least three disturbance calls involving the dead woman since Dec. 6, when she reported that a gun-wielding man stole her purse and laptop computer outside the real-estate office where she worked with her husband.

On Dec. 13, 51-year-old Frank Geis was interviewed by police after he was apparently assaulted in his home, according to police reports obtained by The Dallas Morning News. His wife told police that two men dressed in black and wearing ski masks and gloves burst into the home around 8:30 a.m.

Frank Geis, however, told police he could not recall anything past 12:30 a.m.

Jeanmarie Geis said that after the assault on her husband, she was kidnapped by the two men. She told police the men tied her up with duct tape and taped her eyes shut.

Later, the men put her in a car and tried to sexually assault her. She told police that when she resisted, they pushed her out of the car and fled the scene, according to police reports.

The next day, she was in her driveway when a man approached her, put a gun to her head and forced her into a car, according to police reports. He made her remove her shirt and rubbed the barrel of the gun across her face, she told police. The man then told her, “You’re going to be mine.”

Jeanmarie Geis also told police that the man said, “This is for what your sweet daddy did to my family.” The woman was the daughter of the late state District Judge Mark Tolle, who presided over some high-profile criminal trials in Dallas.

According to the police reports, Geis escaped from the car. The man chased her and pinned her to the ground but fled again when a nearby garage door opened.

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