RUMFORD – Angels figure prominently in the life of Mary Gallant of Rumford.

Not only does the waitress of about 20 years work for an Angel, but she and her family are repeatedly blessed by angels in the form of Arthur and Jan Bordeau of Mexico and Hugh and Vawn Daley of Dixfield.

“They are just very giving people,” Gallant, a waitress manager at The Front Porch Cafe in Dixfield, said Tuesday.

“They’re always there for you. Whether it’s just a hug or, they say, ‘If you need to talk, call us,’ we’ve just been blessed with them. There are plenty of other people who have helped us, but those two (couples), they’re the ones that stand out,” she said.

Cafe owners Clint Bailey and his wife, Sammie Angel, have also found themselves on the receiving end of Bordeau and Daley blessings.

“They’ve been tremendous,” Bailey said Friday. “Last winter, Arthur plowed our whole lot for free, and if he hadn’t have, we would have had to close. And Hugh has been a part of this business from the start. He’s been absolutely tremendous. He’s built stuff for us and he won’t charge us. We’ve had a lot of angels.”

The latest blessing bestowed on the Gallant family involves someone paying for Mary’s husband Brad’s 100-hour law enforcement course at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro, enabling him to be hired to work as a reserve officer in Mexico.

Gallant said her husband, who taught alternative education for SAD 43’s Mountain Valley Middle School in Mexico, was laid off in June due to budget cuts. Both are also substitute teachers.

Of course, Mary Gallant isn’t sure whether Arthur or Hugh helped her husband with the course, since both men pride themselves on helping others anonymously.

She said she met the Bordeaus about four or five years back while waitressing at the Covered Wagon restaurant in Mexico; the Daleys about 18 months ago.

“Arthur and Jan have always tipped me well, knowing that my husband and I worked hard for a living and have three children to support, but sometimes, things have happened in our lives to make our finances a little difficult. They have always been there to help us out when things got tough,” she said.

When she was hospitalized for surgery, they sent her a card. When her brother-in-law passed away, Jan Bordeau went to his “celebration of life.” And, even when she switched jobs from the Covered Wagon to The Front Porch Cafe, which opened in June 2007, the Bordeaus now dine there, also, and tip well.

She recalled one Bordeau blessing while she and her children dined at the Covered Wagon once.

“I was eating dinner there one night with my kids and (Arthur) was there with his granddaughter at another table and he picked up our tab for no reason at all, and I was so grateful. My kids couldn’t believe it. It was great though, because it showed my kids an act of kindness without expecting anything in return, and I’m glad my kids saw that first hand,” she said.

Regarding the Daleys, Gallant said, “They are both extremely giving and they would do anything you needed. All you would have to do is ask. When my husband and I went through some financial difficulties, they were both there to lend us whatever we needed.”

Contacted on Tuesday, the Daleys and Bordeaus had few words to add, preferring their unheralded status.

“We try to help a lot of people, but we don’t want to brag about it,” Hugh Daley said. “Being a Christian, I try to act it out. Words without action mean nothing.”

“My license plate says, ‘Be Nice,’ and I just feel that we should be nice to everybody. That’s what it’s all about, helping others,” Jan Bordeau said.

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