100 years ago, 1908

And now it is another new industry that is likely to be established in Auburn.

Mr. W.J. Carver and Fred N. Coffin of that city have formed a partnership and are about to organize a company for the manufacture and marketing of a new boiler and radiator compound for the purpose of mending leaks in steam boilers, automobiles and gas engines. This compound is a discovery or invention of Mr. E.F. Fields of that city and its properties have been thoroly tested.

Every person who understands the use of boilers knows how difficult it is to locate the exact spot of a leak when one is started. By dropping a little of this powder into the water it immediately gravitates to the hole or broken spot and there forms a solid cement, thus completely stopping the leak.

50 years ago, 1958

Attendance was large at the record hop given at Lewiston High School gymnasium, Friday evening by the Lewiston High Band Booster Association. It was estimated more than 300 local high school students gathered to enjoy an evening of dancing to recorded music. Serving as chaperones for the event were Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Boulay, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bruno, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lane and Mr. and Mrs. William P. Saucier.

25 years ago, 1983

With subzero temperatures hitting the Twin Cities over the Christmas weekend, few tenants reported having heating problems, according to a representative of the Lewiston Code Enforcement Department. Temperatures in Lewiston dropped to 13 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday; -7 F on Sunday and -3 F Monday as part of a nationwide cold snap. City rehabilitation specialist Larry Pease said he only received three reports of heating-system malfunctions over the weekend.

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