SAN FRANCISCO – J.A. Krohn of Portland arrived in this city today on a walk of 9,000 miles, which he is to make on a wager in four hundred days. According to the conditions of the bet, Krohn must push a wheel barrow en route and cover the distance in the time named. He has already walked 4660 miles, an average of 26 miles a day. To complete the walk on schedule time, he must walk a fraction over 23 miles a day, and in spite of eleven days lost on account of illness, he is far ahead of the requirements.

50 years ago, 1958

Five Lewiston boys flirted with death yesterday afternoon as they scampered for several minutes on perilous Androscoggin River ice before being ordered off by a Lewiston police officer. The youngsters went on the ice in the same general area where a five-year-old boy fell through and was drowned about a year ago.

Auburn police notified Lewiston authorities that the boys were on the ice and Patrolman Guy G. Pilote found them several yards off shore in the area of the Lewiston Gas Light Co.’s processing plant on Lincoln Street. Officer Pilote took the boys home where they were severely reprimanded by their parents.

25 years ago, 1983

Owners of the several hundred billboards still standing beside Maine roads will receive notices from the state next month of a 30-day grace period to have the structures removed. The notice is required under the billboard removal law signed five years ago by the late Gov. James B. Longley. The highway beautification statute has already led to the demolition of more than 2,000 billboards.

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