WEST PARIS – An 18-year-old man suffered a seizure triggered by a bite from a pit bull at the Moose Pond Animal Shelter on Wednesday afternoon, an official said.

Oxford County Sheriff’s Deputy Chancey Libby said the bite was minor and the man, who was not identified, had a history of seizures. The bite surprised him enough to lead to a seizure, Libby said. He said the bite was between the thumb and the pointer-finger.

Dannie Paine, who runs the shelter and serves as the animal control officer for several towns, including West Paris, said the dog would be euthanized in 11 days. Paine confirmed the bite was minor.

The facility is operated as a “no kill” shelter, but Paine declined to elaborate on the decision to euthanize the pit bull.

Tri-Town Ambulance treated the injured man but it was unclear whether he was transported to the hospital.

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