“I’ll make the gas company in Lewiston a present of $25, as I have told them, if they will extend the gas main now going up Webster Street to the house of E.L. Dunton over the hill to upper Webster Street.” said Mr. M.J. Googin recently. “I’d like to see this extension made not only because I myself want to use gas but also because many of my neighbors want it and want it very much. We have asked the company to do it from time to time, but they have not yet accomplished anything. I venture to say that there are 15 or 20 families who would use gas for a gas stove and for lighting if this extension were made.”

50 years ago, 1959

Lewiston has some pretty old school buildings in operation today, four of which were built before the turn of the century. Roger W. Burke, a former member of the Board of Education, came up with the following figures strictly from memory.

The oldest school in operation is Coburn School on Bates Street, which, Burke reported, was completed in 1864. Frye School on Horton Street was finished two years later, in 1866, and next came Wallace School on Main Street, which was open for business in 1886.

Dingley School, situated on Oak Street, was completed in 1888. Jordan School on Wood Street, was finished in 1901, followed by the old sections of Martel and Pettingill schools in 1925 and 1926. The high school was built in 1931. Farwell School came into the picture about six years ago.

25 years ago, 1984

In a 3-1 decision Monday night, the Auburn City Council voted to donate the former Lincoln Street School to the Auburn Housing Authority for use as a ten-unit federally subsidized housing project.

Before the vote Mayor John J. Cleveland urged the council to pass the resolve because “it is a good project for the city.”

The mayor also said rehabilitating the building might encourage other landowners to improve their buildings. It was also noted that the building has twice been put up for sale, but the city has received no bids.

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