Dear Sun Spots: I would like the address for Batista of WWE. I would like to write to them. Also Cherry’s address. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

According to the World Wrestling Entertainment Web site, they do not have an official fan club and also do not endorse any fan clubs. However, you are able to contact your favorite superstars through the group. Address your letter to the specific wrestler, C/O WWE, 1241 East Main St., Stamford, CT 06902. WWE notes that due to the high volume of mail received, they cannot guarantee a response. They also ask that fans do not send anything of value to be signed by the wrestlers.

You can also submit a message through e-mail by visiting

According to his bio on the Web site, Dave Batista was raised in Washington D.C., weighs in at 290 pounds and is 6 feet, six inches tall. His signature move is called the “Batista Bomb.” His career highlights include World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, World Tag Team Champion and 2005 Royal Rumble winner. Batista’s wrestling career began after surviving a troubled childhood and an arrest for a fight at a night club. After serving probation, he decided to make changes in his life and enrolled in Wild Samoan Afa’s wrestling school in Allentown, Pa. Batista came to WWE in May 2002.

Kara “Cherry” Drew was released from her contract with WWE in August 2008. According to releases from Drew, she has put wrestling on hold to focus on her education. Sun Spots could not locate a contact address for her.

Dear Sun Spots: I am a high school art teacher at Edward Little High School and am in need of tripods for my upcoming photography class. Any kind of tripod will be greatly appreciated. Please call the high school office at 333-6652 to leave a message and I will get back to you to arrange pickup. Thanks. – Richard Dahlquist, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: Some time ago, you had the name of an organization that took encyclopedia sets. Do you still have that information? Thanks for your time. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots is not aware of any organizations that accept encyclopedias. We urge anyone who would like them to contact the column.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to publicly thank Goodwin Well and Water, Inc. for their outstanding service. Our family has been dealing with a well problem for more than two years. We were unable to use our water for laundry, dishes, bathing and drinking because of a high iron problem. It affected everything we did. Within two months of placing our first phone call to Goodwin, our problem was solved.

Cory Richardson came to diagnose our problem. He does all the testing in front of you, and explains it in a understandable way. We never felt left out of the process. A camera was sent down into our well to diagnose any problems, then the tape was sent back to the Goodwin team for review. It was carefully looked at for hours. Goodwin not only has a excellent knowledge base, but can be counted on for clear communication. Everyone in this company is such a pleasure to deal with from the receptionist all the way to the top. They have such a solid reputation that when we spread the word, everyone we spoke with had the same experience. Their honesty and high ethical standards can’t be beat. Thank you Goodwin for going above and beyond our expectations. You’re truly appreciated. – The McCabe Family, Farmington.

Dear Sun Spots: Just a little tidbit I discovered yesterday and thought it would be helpful to mention. Some people, back in June of 2008, signed a contract with their oil company and locked in a much higher price than what oil costs today. It was advantageous to me to opt out of the contract now and pay the “price” so that future fill-ups would be at a much lower price for the rest of the season. Some companies will charge you for breach of contract but in my case, it will still save me money in the long run. Please check yours out. – No Name, No Town.

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