The art and literature club met Monday afternoon with Mrs. A.D. Mower, Auburn. Mrs. R. B. Hayes, the leader, spoke on the decay of the Russian nobility and Mrs. Allen Winslow followed with a short talk on the emancipation of the Serfs. Mrs. S.R.B. Pingree spoke on peasant life in Russia and Mrs. F.O. Watson gave a sketch on the life of Chopin. In two weeks the study of Russia will be continued at the home of Mrs. George Howard, Highland Avenue, Auburn.

50 years ago, 1959

Continental Mills is currently employing about 1,100 hands, according to General Manager Guy H. Critcherson. The mill is operating on three shifts.

Critcherson said the mill has plenty of business to keep all hands busy. He said the three-shift operation has been going on some time now.

The mill is seeking additional spinners and doffers for the second and third shifts.

25 years ago, 1984

Lewiston’s new City Council faces a full agenda Tuesday, including its first official look at the Planning Board’s recommended 1984 community development funding ranges.

Other items of interest on the agenda include proposed new rules for governing the council, cost estimates for a sanitary sewer on College Road and a request for $110,000 to renovate the Lewiston Junior High School cafeteria.

The city expects to spend $965,000 in community development funds in 1984. The Planning Board has recommended a slight cut in spending on public service agencies and an increase in public works funding.

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