Many students are constantly complaining about the classes they have to take and the assignments they have to do even thought most classes prove worthy of attending everyday. Why don’t students really understand the importance of these classes? Science, for instance, helps students get to school, listen to their iPods, and even help them learn. The Lisbon High School Science Team of teachers has chosen to get students involved in science not only in the classroom, but in life. They have decided once again to offer Science Olympiad to all Lisbon High students that are academically eligible.

This Advocate reporter sat down with the Science Olympiad coach, Ms. Rita Newell, and the assistant coach, Ms. Olivia Griset. According to Ms. Newell, “The Science Olympiad is a competition between teams, from various schools, in 23 events that cover all areas of science.” She also commented that students should consider Science Olympiad because, “It is challenging, fun, and gets you to do things that you can’t do in your science classes.” Ms. Griset shared that Science Olympiad can be beneficial because ” It is challenging and helps students who need challenge. It’s a neat social environment, creates good brainstorming skills, you meet new people, and freshmen get opportunities to work with seniors.” Inspired by the teacher’s comment, my interest sparked as to which category in Science Olympiad Ms. Griset liked the most. Her response was, ” That is a difficult question, but I must say I like to coach the biology events, but I like watching the engineering events because of the creativity of the students.”

As part of the Science Olympiad team, I’d like to get more students involved in this fun club. Science Olympiad has so much to offer for everyone. Whether you like medical science, or even drawing, there is something for you. The best thing, in my opinion about Science Olympiad, is that one gets to meet so many people and have the opportunities to work with others who have similar interests. According to Ms. Newell, “Students interested should talk to the coaches, come to meetings, which are every Monday after school, and be willing to commit for the competition.” For more information on Lisbon’s Science Olympiad Club, contact Ms. Griset or Ms. Newell at Lisbon High School by calling 353-3030. Students at LHS, get involved. You, too, can assist with Bringing Science to Life!

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