River Valley Hornets Cheering is a combination of Leeds, Greene, and Turner cheerleaders. The Super Stars are sixth and eighth graders, mostly students from Tripp Middle School. River Valley Hornets represent Tripp Middle School because most of the people who are on the team are students of Tripp. River Valley keeps the school well informed about the wins and ranking. The Hornets are Division I, and do advanced stunts at extension level, advanced dismounts at extension level, basket tosses, and launches. They have to have back spotters, who are required on all stunts except for the Chair, Russian Lift, Torch, Double Base split catch, Triple-base dead man lift, Triple-base extended suspended splits, and a double-base vertical T-lift.

Five competitions is the most the team can attend each season besides hosting our own in Turner at Leavitt Area High School. Competition season starts in early February and ends in mid to late March. Once a cheerleader is placed on the team, cheerleaders are expected to fulfill their commitment to the squad during the entire season. Missing three practices or more could affect the team and they may not be able to attend a competition.

The River Valley Hornets stay in Maine and don’t travel to other states. It is $35 to join. The uniforms are provided by the coaches and do not have to be bought, unless they are damaged while in your possession. It is a super work out and keeps you in shape. There is a lot of dancing and stunts that make it fun if you like to dance and show spirit. If you ever want to check them out, go to one of their competitions and let them know what you think! Hope to see you there!

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