International Festival is a project that we start at the beginning of the school year. Each student, except for the seniors, are handed a book in which they are to pick a country and fill out certain information about the country and its history. This is a project that you have to do for three years of high school; however, usually seniors do not have to participate. After each student has finished the Nation Notebook and report, we then have a festival, in which we are required to bring food that is native to the country we have researched. Everyone is invited, mostly it’s the parents and grandparents who come, and they get to go through and sample the food you brought and ask you questions about your country and what you learned. I am including an interview of one of the participants in the International Festival.

What is your name?

Becca Chabot

What grade are you in?


What country did you study?


What was something you learned about your country?

There are only 2% of Christians living in India.

What food did you bring?

Tpas Pulao

Of all the countries presented which was your favorite?


What was your favorite part of the festival?

The food

Would you ever visit the country you presented?

Yes, on a missions trip.

I find International Festival to be a fun project, even though it takes a lot of time and effort to do this project. Each student works hard to complete this project in time for the festival. Even the teachers put a lot of effort into correcting and reading all the papers that the students do; they are sort of the behind-the-scenes people. Overall, the festival was a fun time.

The International Festival at Central Maine Christian Academy was held on October 22, 2008. It was a real thriller. It is like traveling to many different countries in only one hour. There is no need for all that packing, a plane ride, or any of that other hassle.

The International Festival is a festival in which students do a huge project on a country of their choice. The parents of the students come to the school to look at all the wonderful projects that the students so diligently worked on. We students had the privilege of sitting at our projects and answering any questions the parents asked. They got to try the food from the country that we made as a sample. Courtney says, “It was fun taking pictures, but besides that, it was boring.” There were many different types of food from rice to bread to fruit dishes. Courtney also states, “Most of that foreign food was disgusting.” The seniors didn’t have to do a country project. Instead they did a research project on a famous person. Some did Frank Peretti, Abraham Lincoln, the singer/songwriter Britt Nicole, and others. “I liked the Britt Nicole music that Amanda had playing at her station thingy,” Courtney adds.

In conclusion, the festival was a success. My favorite part was that we were able to skip two classes. I think the parents enjoyed coming to see our hard work.

The International Festival, was a success this year. There were many different countries presented. There also were food and boards presented, too. Many parents showed up to come and look at the student’s boards and try many foreign foods. The high school students did projects on countries; the jr. high class did projects on the state of Maine.

I did India this year, and I have learned so much about India. There are only two percent Christians there, and many other facts about India are in my report. At the International Festival, the seniors had to do a poster on an author instead of a country. Some thought it was boring, but a lot of parents enjoyed looking at all the boards and posters everyone made. According to Roland Chabot, a senior, “The International Festival was different than normal.” This was a result of the hard work we did since the beginning of the year. It takes a while to get a lot of the information for the Nation Notebook we do, but once we have the International Festival, it’s a relief because it’s finally over and done with.

Jessica Watson said ” The International Festival was pretty cool and all the foods were pretty interesting.” There was a great atmosphere during the festival. Parents, siblings, and even little kids all came. Siblings could come and see what their brother or sister does. This time was also an open house, when people who are looking to come to the school can see what we do. Central Maine Christian Academy has many days throughout the year like this and we usually have fun with them. If you don’t come, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, you can travel all around the world in one day at the International Festival. The International Festival is a day when kindergartners through 12th graders do projects on countries or states. The K-12 do displays on tri-fold boards and make a dish of their country’s or state’s native food.

This year the junior high students had to do our reports on the state of Maine. The whole thing took about two months to complete. We had to do a civics notebook; a written report, which was 700 words long and the eighth graders had to do 800 words. We also had to do a display board, an oral report and lastly, make a dish of food custom to our state.

I asked some of my classmates what they thought of the International Festival and here’s what they had to say: Lexy said, “I though it was a lot of fun, but, when I offered my food, the visitors were full from the food down stairs. I wish they would’ve come upstairs first.” Jessie said, “It was o.k., I guess, I was disappointed because it was a little boring.”

Now that the International Festival is over, I’m glad. Even though it was a lot of fun, it was a lot of work! I look forward to having a break, but before you know it, it will be Science Fair time. Uuuggh!

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