It was 2 a.m. Lesley had spent the night partying with her so called friends. Now she sat in the front seat of Lynn’s car, drunk and wasted. She had called Lynn for a ride believing she would get home safely. Lynn was a Christian and never went to the parties and all that. She had even tried to tell us why, but we told her to keep her religion to herself and not shove it down our throats. As Lynn drove to Lesley’s house, it began to snow harder and the roads became icy. Lesley saw Lynn’s lips moving in silent prayer. A couple minutes before pulling into the driveway at Lesley’s house, Lynn’s car hit a patch of black ice. The car fishtailed, then spun around, hitting a tree. Branches from the tree broke through the windshield, shattering it into a million pieces. Lesley had a few scratches, but the air bag had saved her life. She looked over at Lynn in the driver’s seat and was shocked to see Lynn’s lifeless body laying on the steering wheel. Shattered glass covered her bloody body and her head had hit the steering wheel at full force. The air bag had failed to deploy, causing instant death.

As the snow began to wash away the blood from her friend’s body, Lesley remembered Lynn trying to tell her that when we confess our sins and ask Christ to forgive us. He washes away our sins and, makes us as white as snow. She prayed right there, not wanting to wait any longer.

Lesley knew God had given her a second chance. He had spared her life so she would be able to choose the better eternal life. God had truly been watching out for her even though she had pushed Him away for so long.

A shiver ran through her whole body as she realized where she would be if God had not protected her and given her a second chance.

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