Students have a new English teacher at Lisbon High School. Her name is Amy Kissell. Miss Kissell teaches sophomore and senior English, as well as public speaking.

A former resident of New Hampshire, Miss Kissell used to teach swimming lessons as a lifeguard. It was during this time when she realized she wanted to be a teacher. She also really enjoys literature. With the combined passions of teaching and literature, she decided to become an English teacher. Miss Kissell thought teaching was her “thing” because her mother is a teacher. “It just seemed like the right profession for me too.”

Outside the classroom, Miss Kissell loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. She likes to run almost every day. Running is a form of meditation for her. She loves music. She listens to jazz, alternative rock and a collection of world music from her travels. She also likes to paint and draw.

Miss Kissell loves to travel. She has been to Managua Nicaragua and to South Korea. She taught for a year while she lived in Managua Nicaragua and a year of language arts at a private school in Soule, South Korea. Miss Kissell did her student teaching in a seventh grade class at a middle school in Delaware. Teaching at a middle school provided a good experience and prepared her for teaching at the high school level, which she really wanted to do.

Miss Kissell came to Maine to teach because she loved the idea of teaching at a small school in rural New England. She wanted “something new but familiar” because she used to live in New Hampshire and is comfortable in small towns and schools. “It’s great, really great, in Lisbon,” shared Miss Kissell. “The kids have been warm and the staff has been welcoming.” Miss Kissell shared that Lisbon has been a second home to her. She currently resides in Portland and she thinks the city is amazing.

Good luck with the rest of the year Miss Kissell! We all hope you have and make unforgettable moments with us at Lisbon High School.

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