I love Trinity Catholic School because I learn a lot from my teachers. O love to pray and sing with my classmates. I love to read with my reading buddy. Emma-Pre-K

I like my teacher Miss Ferron and going to Art and Gym. Logan-1st grade.

The teachers are very nice; sometimes they give us extra recess. They give us a good education with Vocabulary and English – Trinity Catholic School is the best ever!! Henry-3rd grade

What I like best about going to Trinity Catholic School is that the people that work here would put their time in for us. Samatha-4th grade

What I like best about going to Trinity Catholic School is helping my Pre-K buddy. Its fun doing little projects with them and working with them. Ross-4th grade

We chose Trinity Catholic School for our children due to its sense of community, high standards, and wonderful teaching staff and most importantly the ability to speak and teach freely about Jesus. We look forward to seeing our children through the years at Trinity Catholic and fully support Principal Yarnevich in his vision for the school. Andrew and Mary Jones

The choice of Trinity Catholic School for my son was so he can build a strong foundation, education, and values that will stay with him for a long time. – Anonymous

Teacher Quotes

The loving and caring atmosphere at Trinity Catholic makes our school a special place to learn and grow. I enjoy sharing my faith with my students, so they know that God made them special and that Jesus is their friend. Mrs. Ouellette- Pre-K

Trinity Catholic School is a community consisting of students, parents, and teachers who are supportive of each other and who work well together for the best education experience for each child possible. Our school is a family. Ann Slonina-Kind.

The best part about working at Trinity Catholic School is the ability to weave into our academic day the essential element of our spirituality. Jesus is incorporated throughout our whole day making each day more meaningful and enlightening. In addition to the spiritual element, working with so many wonderful, supportive and encouraging families that show their appreciation every chance they get makes it easier and more enjoyable to face each new day. Miss Ferron-1st grade.

I enjoy teaching at Trinity Catholic School because the schools a community of faith where children are given the opportunity to grow, learn, and play in a safe, comfortable Catholic environment. As an educator, I am able to teach nor only academics to my students, but also help them nurture and celebrate their individual gifts, values and beliefs. Mrs. Wigant-2nd grade

I enjoy teaching at Trinity Catholic School for many reasons. The parents and students are excellent to work with and my co-workers form a tremendous team. All this put together brings up the spirit and moral of this great school. Sister Cecile Mondor-3rd grade

I enjoy the family community that Trinity Catholic School has created. I have always felt great support from the staff, parents, and students. It is nice to be part of a collective ministry. Teaching here is so much more that a job. Mrs. Dunn-4th grade

Our students are motivated, industrious, and fun loving! I am blessed to be a part of this Catholic family. Mrs. Lawlor-5th grade

I like the children best. They are serious about their school work and want to be the best they can be. They keep me young, and every year they provide a fresh new look to everything that I teach. It is amazing to watch their thought processes develop over the years. It is exciting to see them mature into young men and women. The atmosphere that is generated by the students is conducive to a leaning atmosphere where every child is able to learn in a way that is beneficial to them. Miss O’Hearn- Jr. High

I love the close-knit community and the evidence of God in catholic schools. Miss Leon – Art Teacher

Catholic education is a privilege. Here at Trinity Catholic School we begin with a smile and a prayer. While we teach all academic subjects, we also teach patience, tolerance and acceptance, all Christen values. I am proud to be part of Maine’s Catholic Community and the changes taking place. Mr. Ashton-Physical Education Instructor

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