I never thought that a field trip to the Maine State House and the Maine State Museum would be fun, but it was. The 4th to 8th grades of Central Maine Christian Academy took a field trip to Augusta and went to the Maine State House, the Maine State Museum, and the Blaine House. I thought it was quite an experience.

We first went to the Maine State Museum, and learned about the pre-history of Maine, arrowheads, and musketry. When we were learning about arrowheads, we got to make our own and take them home. We also got to try loading and firing a musket.

Next, we went to the Blaine House. The Blaine House is the house where the governors of Maine have been living since 1919. It’s called the Blaine House because it was bought by James G. Blaine as a birthday present to his wife.

Then, we visited the Hall of Flags, the State Representatives Chamber, and the State Legislatures Chamber. We were not able to meet the governor, but we were able to see where his office was located. Then, we went back to the State Museum and went around to look at other exhibits.

The field trip was an exciting opportunity to learn about the history of Maine. Jessi Beecher of the 8th grade says, ” I thought it was really fun. My favorite part was making the arrowheads and firing the musket.” I agree with Jessi because I also had fun. As Halie Saldana of the 7th grade says, ” It was a very informational field trip.”

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