Every year the Bengal social studies teacher at Tripp Middle School, Mrs. Renee Davis, puts together a spring play for students and parents who want to come watch. Each student who is a member of Tripp Middle School is certainly welcome to participate or audition for the school play. The students have to take part in the meetings right after school and try out. If people make the try-outs, then they have a part in the play and are on the Tripp Drama Club. Everybody puts in a huge amount of time for this play. If you don’t want a part on stage, you can work out back of the stage on the lights, curtains, or set design. We could really use the volunteers!

The Drama Club takes a big amount of responsibility. We need people who will show up every rehearsal unless they have been gone all day for an emergency. The whole cast works their hardest to make sure the play is excellent and interesting for family and friends to watch.

Each person who is a part of the play receives one free ticket to give to either a friend or family member to watch the show. We perform the play on two nights, usually a Friday and Saturday night. It isn’t expensive to buy a ticket. On the performance night of the play, you just pay for your ticket and the people working will exchange the money for a ticket. You are free to come and watch. The money that we raise on those two nights all goes to the school.

It is a fun experience for anybody! It is also a learning experience. You can’t always expect to get the part you auditioned for. All parts of the play are fun, even if you are backstage working on the set. Every single person is important. It is a team effort. It’s good to do if you don’t like to participate in sports. This year, the club is debating on a couple of plays, but we took a vote, and it is most likely going to be a play called “Lady Dracula,” but we’ll see. This is a good-after school activity if you are somebody who gets bored and wants to raise money for the school. So any T.M.S students out there reading this, if you have the talent for acting, singing, or dancing, we would love to see your face at the auditions. Who knows, you could end up getting a lead role and being the star of the show. You could be our undiscovered superstar!

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