Every year people gather together to celebrate the joyous season. But when it comes down to New Year’s, the number one question you’ll be asked is “What’s your new years’ resolution?” This always hits a sour note in my head. I despise resolutions because they seem like excuses. To me, resolutions are just an excuse to not be happy with who you are.

People always make resolutions like I’m going to lose weight or I’m going to be quieter. To me, that just sounds like you either aren’t happy with who you are or you’re trying to change yourself for the wrong reasons. Losing 20 pounds isn’t going to make you happy until you’ve confronted the reasons why you had those 20 extra pounds to begin with. You need to solve the reason for the extra weight before you can move on, but you’re going to have to change your lifestyle as well. And if you are a loud person and are trying to be quieter, that may be a good thing, but you’ll be unhappy if you bottle everything that you feel up because you don’t want to be loud. Sometimes though there needs to be loud people around to state what they feel and their take on a certain situation.

Some people view New Year’s as a kick start to their goal when in all actuality it may be the wrong time to start. If you aren’t 100% committed and ready to undertake what you’ve set as a goal, then your’re not going to get results. People need to find their kick starters within themselves and not just because it’s a new year. They need to find what they really want and work towards it. I also feel as though resolutions set people up to fail because people believe that they can do it all at once when most people are successful by making lifestyle changes overtime, ones that are small gradually gaining until they are big ones. People need to realize that it takes time and patience to get what you want and that you have to work for it.

So my advice and thought process is to throw New Years’ resolutions out the window and find inspirations in your daily life that make you want to do something differently. Don’t wait till New Year’s, start tomorrow. Assess what the problem is and then fix it. Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today.

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