At a meeting of the Socialists of Lewiston and Auburn Tuesday evening it was decided to have J. G. Phelps-Stokes of New York, and his wife, Rose, lecture in Lewiston or Auburn, or both, on Sunday, March 14th. Mr. Stokes is known as “The Millionaire Socialist,” but this he does not admit as he says he has given away most of the large income left him since he took up Socialist work. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes are to make a lecture tour of Maine and will speak in Portland, Rockland and several other cities besides Lewiston and Auburn. Mr Stokes is president of the Inter-Collegiate Society of Socialists.

50 years ago, 1959

Rumors of a possible full-scale investigation were being circulated around Lewiston police headquarters yesterday afternoon after somebody swiped the police matron’s lunch.

It was in the guardroom refrigerator, Annette Plourde said, and disappeared by lunch time. But she didn’t go hungry. A $2 loan was obtained from “the boss” and the gal went out to dine.

25 years ago, 1984

Concerned with possible savings and shifting of personnel, the Lewiston City Council will wrestle Monday night with the possibility of eliminating the city’s own trash-collection system in favor of hiring a private contractor.

Public Works Director Norman R. Lamie said Friday that the city could save nearly $550,000 in 1984 dollars over the next five years if it decides to hire a private contractor to collect trash. Lamie said three firms submitted bids on a five year waste-collecting package, with the costs substantially less than what the city would normally pay.

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