LEWISTON – Mystery for Hire continues its murder-mystery dinner theater at Marco’s Restaurant Saturday, Feb. 28, with a performance of “Murder at the Last Chance Bar & Grill.”

The show has a country-western theme, said Dan Marois, who with his wife, Denise, owns and operates Mystery for Hire. “We haven’t performed this show in more than 10 years and we are bringing it back for a special performance in February.”

The script, by David Landau, was originally performed as “Killing Mr. Withers” and takes place at the Last Chance Bar and Grill in a remote Southwestern road stop café. “The café is rather deserted ever since they did the atomic bomb testing nearby,” said Marois. “The characters that remain are an odd mix of folks who find themselves drawn to the only road stop bar and grill in the area.”

The café is run by Veronica, played by Julie Poulin of Monmouth, and her husband, Kurt, who provide hospitality to anyone who stops by the place for coffee or a snack. When a hitchhiking drifter, Jack (Chuck Waterman of Gorham) and a pair of Russian spies – Boris (Dan Marois of Poland) and Natasha (Kathleen Nation of Monmouth) – drop by, there are twist and turns as everyone is trying to kill off someone else in a mad attempt to find a hidden silver mine.

To add to the confusion, the show features a stranded bus tour operator, Rebecca (Denise Marois of Poland) and a comatose banker, Mr. Withers (Brian Files), both of whom are simply trying to survive the antics of the strange characters they encounter at the café.

“This show is just pure fun,” with mistaken identities, unexpected happenings and nonstop country music, said Marois.

Tickets are $36.95 per person, which includes a full buffet, mystery show, tax and gratuity. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. with the show starting at 7 p.m. To make reservations, call the restaurant at 783-0336. For more information on the theater troupe, log on to mysteryforhire.com.

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