No other car in the two cities or surrounding towns has caused nearly so much attraction as the new Ford Model “T” now on exhibition at the Bates St. Garage. In fact, the interest grows more and more each day and the garage is crowded from early morning until late at night with prospective automobile buyers interested in this 1909 Ford wonder.

How can such a car be possibly built for the price of $850.00 is the question they all ask after looking this car over, and when told that it is only by the enormous quantities of cars turned out by the Ford Company that makes it possible then they wonder where in the world the other fellows are going to get off which are trying to sell automobiles at double the price and not one-half so good.

50 years ago, 1959

A Lewiston police officer was credited last night with breaking up a juvenile gang which during the past several weeks stole numerous March of Dimes donations and other items from local stores.

Patrolman Lucien H. Longtin broke the case after picking up one of the young boys after he had lifted a March of Dimes container late in the afternoon at Archie’s Market, 63 Maple St.

The gang, made up of three 12-year-old youngsters, another 13 and one 14, will be brought before a juvenile session of Lewiston Municipal Court on March 2 to face larceny charges.

25 years ago, 1984

Six Auburn police officers spent a couple hours Friday evening manning a roadblock on Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Bridge, but made only one arrest.

Sgt. Daniel Lajoie estimated that about 300 motorists were stopped at the roadblock, which was set up about 10 p.m. just as Lewiston Raceway closed.

He said Veterans Bridge was chosen as the site for the impromptu roadblock because it is one of the places in the city with the highest incidence of alcohol-related accidents.

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