The automobile registration has been unusually brisk thus far this year, 39 having been registered since Jan. 1, as compared with 14 for the same period in 1908. This brings the total registered in the State, since the law requiring the registration of automobiles went into effect in 1905, up to 3271.

• Today will begin the annual two days ice carnival of the Lewiston & Auburn Driving Club. Three races will be held on the river this afternoon, a free-for-all race open to all, a 2:40 trot which will be open and a three-minute club race. The annual banquet will be held this evening at the New DeWitt.

50 years ago, 1959

A large group of Lewiston-Auburn barbers put down their hair clippers and shaving mugs last night and marched over to Lewiston’s city hall to talk over business conditions in general.

The approximately 30 Twin Cities barbers present talked over prices, unions and other related business matters but did not take any action.

Most barbers are currently getting a dollar a haircut and the session sparked some rumors of an organized move for a boost in prices.

25 years ago, 1984

Bated Fabrics of Lewiston will be spinning more of a certain fabric these days, but it won’t cover any beds. It could, however, be underneath any road. The product, called Terra Firma, was designed by Bates President Howard “Bill” Gleason. Terra Firma is a spun fiber made up of yarn-woven polyester. In the trade, the material is called a “geotextile.”

Terra Firma is installed in the base of a road, beneath the asphalt. Because the material absorbs moisture, it prevents erosion and prolongs the life of the road, Gleason said. Production of Terra Firma, Gleason said, was part of his plan to diversify the company, which is famed for its bedspreads.

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