LEWISTON – Results from last week’s Grade School Basketball League:


Farwell Blue – Lead scorer: Brennan Gillespie; coach’s award: Elijah Akerley; hustle award: James Flynn; sportsmanship: Legend Edwards. Montello Red – Lead scorer: Abdi Sherif; coach’s award Shawn Vincent; hustle award: Ibrihim Ali; sportsmanship: Abdilahi Bade.

Pettingill Blue – Lead scorer: Gage Cote; coach award: Kevin Dillingham; hustle award: Julian Smedley; sportsmanship: Gage Cote. Martel Light Green – Lead scorer: Isaiah Harris; coach award: Elijah Harris; hustle award: Isaiah Harris; sportsmanship: Ryan Bell.

McMahon Black – Lead scorer: Austin Wing; coach award: Sheon James; hustle award: Josh Gilchrist; sportsmanship: Austin Wing. Montello Blue – Lead scorer: Hassan Mohaned and Dion Jackson; coach award: Dion Jackson; hustle award: Hassan Mohamed; sportsmanship: Jordan Palmer.

McMahon Gold – Lead scorer: Tahi Fulgham; coach award: Zach Gosselin; hustle award: Ty Murphy; sportsmanship: Keenan Lynch, Trinity Catholic Blue – Lead scorer: Michael Bryant; coach award: Bryan Bonefant; hustle award: Michael Wong; sportsmanship: Noah Bergeron.

Trinity Catholic White – Lead scorer: Zachary Abisalih; coach award: Nathan Albert; hustle award: Clifford Greco; sportsmanship: Zachary Abisalih. Martel Dark Green – Coach award: Brandon Varney; hustle award: Dominick Adams; sportsmanship: Tyler Labonte.


Montello Blue – Lead scorer: Gabrielle Barrett; coach award: Karlye Baker; hustle award: Keileigh Belanger; sportsmanship: Tanya Agden. Pettingill Blue – Lead scorer: Hailey Libel and Kerseyane Goyette; coach award: Hailey Libel; hustle award: Kerseyane Goyette; sportsmanship: Amanda Swart.

McMahon – Lead scorer: Paige Fontaine and Erica Lemieux; coach award: Madison McAfee; hustle award: Rylee Letourneau; sportsmanship: Paige Fontaine. Martel Dark Green – Lead scorer: Samantha Green; coach award: Danni Burns, hustle award: Amber Smith; sportsmanship: Michelle Blais.

Martel Light Green – Lead scorer: Emily Brochu; coach award: Emily Payne; hustle award: Heather kendall; sportsmanship: Lauren Lecompte. Trinity Catholic Blue – Lead scorer: Emily Jacques, coach award: Shannon Roy; hustle award: Jordyn Carr; sportsmanship: Sarah Bolduc.

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