A brief session of both branches of the Lewiston city government was held last evening. The only business transacted was the passage of the order authorizing the fire commission to purchase a ten circuit repeater system for the two cities. The order passed reads as follows:

Ordered, the Common Council concurring, that the Board of Fire Commissioners of the City of Lewiston be, and they are hereby authorized to enter into a contract for the purchase and installation of a ten circuit repeater system for a sum not to exceed $2,795 in conjunction with the Board of Fire Commissioners of the City of Auburn. That of the purchase price for said system the City of Lewiston, as it is understood, pays 60 percent, the City of Auburn 40 percent.

50 years ago, 1959

Speedometers on Auburn police cruiser cars are dynamometer tested and calibrated and a certificate of the accuracy or deviation on each police vehicle is available in Auburn Municipal Court at all times.

These certificates are kept in the Auburn Municipal Court room for possible use when the charge of speeding is lodged against any motorist. So far the tester has not been called on to testify about the accuracy of the speedometers but Ricker said yesterday he stands ready to testify whenever he is called to do so.

25 years ago, 1984

In a move that angered union members, the Lewiston City Council voted narrowly to hire a private contractor to begin collecting solid waste in Lewiston.

Following three hours of debate and two separate votes, the City Council voted to end the Public Works Department’s involvement in trash collection and transfer 10 employees to the highway division.

Public Works Director Norman R. Lamie said the city stood to save more than $600,000 over the next five years.

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