The star basketball player held up by the team chanting because he scored. Yearbook meetings, Civil Rights gatherings, trumpets blasting and drums booming in the band room. A chorus of voices. These are examples of what the average Tripp Middle School student sees and hears on a daily basis. I’ve decided to do something a little unconventional. I’ve decided to give the cello a try.

Tripp Middle offers a wide, exceptional variety of activities for all students. It’s not that these aren’t “good enough” for me, but it doesn’t offer an orchestra program, so I decided to venture beyond the school walls to play the cello. My cello lessons happen with my teacher, Ms. Weeks, at the Nezinscot Farm. I think I am a typical student who has talent and chooses to participate in a unique program. There are many more activities students can participate in than they may think. I encourage students to look around them, stand out from the crowd, be different, and participate in new activities that they may otherwise not have known about.

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