In middle school and high school we are often faced with the difficult decision to say no to drugs. Here are some easy ways to say no and still be cool:

1. No, I already eat too much junk food.

2. No! Do I look like a hippie? No thanks, I’m into reality.

3. Ask me again in a billion years.

4. Right now’s no good. How’s never?

5. Two words NO– NO!

6. No, weather isn’t just right for it.

7. No, I don’t on days that end in Y.

8. No, drugs are too 20th century for me.

9. No, haven’t you ever heard of fried eggs.

10. Look at the time, got to go.

11. No, we might end up on one of those cop shows.

12. I’ll pass.

13. Are you crazy.

14. No, not today, not tomorrow. How about never?

15. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

16. No, smell ya later.

17. No, I have allergies.

18. No but if you have any chocolate…

19. I’ve got to get home and walk my dog.

20. No, I can barely afford chips.

21. I don’t have time for drugs.

22. I don’t want your life.

23. No, maybe in the next millennium.

24. No, you must be mistaking me for an idiot.


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