AUBURN – A Lewiston woman who slashed a man in the head with a martini glass at a restaurant is expected to serve six months in jail.

Darcy Pabst, 23, of 7 Haley St., was sentenced to five years in prison with all but six months suspended. She also was ordered to serve three years probation. During that time, she’ll be required to volunteer 300 hours of community service, a judge at Androscoggin County Superior Court said Monday.

Police said Pabst had gathered with friends at Margaritas Restaurant on Center Street one night in March. Colby Gilbert, 22 at that time, also was at the restaurant with a group of friends. They were at different tables and exchanged words, police said.

Gilbert, a former Maineiacs hockey star, took the chips and salsa from her table, so she wiped salsa on his face, according to court records. Police said the two had been antagonizing each other throughout the night.

As he prepared to leave the restaurant shortly after midnight, Gilbert approached Pabst at her table with the intention of apologizing for the earlier antics, he told police.

Pabst told the Sun Journal later that she was afraid of Gilbert and his friends and believed they meant to do her harm.

She flung her martini-style glass and drink at Gilbert’s face. The glass shattered, slicing through the skin and muscle in a long gash from Gilbert’s temple to his neck. The wound took more than two dozen stitches to close.

Some of Gilbert’s friends and family said they thought the assault was intentional.

After the assault, Pabst fled the scene to a hotel behind the restaurant, where she called for help. She waited there until police arrived. Police arrested her and she was booked at Androscoggin County Jail.

Pabst was charged with elevated aggravated assault and aggravated assault. She pleaded guilty to the lesser charge, a Class B crime, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Among other conditions of probation, she was ordered to have no contact with Gilbert or his family. She also was ordered to undergo counseling for substance abuse and anger management.

She has a criminal record that includes assault and criminal mischief.

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