I shouldn’t be just saying a day because I am with my twin sister all the time. So we will say for life…Yes, I know I won’t be with her all the time when I graduate, so I want to spend all the time I can get with my sis before we do graduate. I know we will see each other after high school, but not as much as now. We will see each other for holidays, birthdays, and even just out of the blue.

But…in a day in the life of a twin to me is like any other day, a day like always. It is like with a sister, a regular sister (not a twin). There are some moments, some bad and some good. There are even some moments that can be weird at times, like when Kelsie and I think alike. Or when we say the same thing at the same time. It can be a little weird. Kelsie and I always say, “It’s a twin thing” because it’s true-twins can think alike and even say things at the same time. I always laugh when that happens.

Another thing that no other sister has is that twins have this twin bond, a bond that is different. We do everything together-talk to each other, etc. What I am trying to say in this article is that Kelsie and I would never leave each other’s sides, and we will always have that special bond with each other.

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