The end of the basketball season is always the hardest part especially when you play your last game. Our Monmouth Middle School girls basketball team had a very good year. Our coach was very impressed with us. To go into a Capital Area League and come in second place overall is pretty good.

For the first six games we went undefeated in the Capital Area League. By the end of the season our record was 10-2. The last game of the season hurt the most We had played Gardiner. Gardiner is a Class A school and we are only a Class C school. I will admit that the whole team was scared to go out and play them, but we also really wanted to win.

When the game started we were pumped! Every second of the game we worked our hardest and so did Gardiner. It was an exciting game every second that was ticking on the clock. Whoever won the game would be the Capital Area Champions! In the first quarter, the score was 12-2 Gardiner. It’s not looking so good now, is it? But by half time, we were ahead by one point. The game kept on going that way for a while-we were either down by one or up by one. But by the end of the game, with about 2 minutes, came the score remaind 33-32 Gardiner. We had to be tough in order to win the game cause Gardiner wasn’t going to just let us take over and win.

By the end of the game, the score was final 33-32. Gardiner won. It was tough for all of us Monmouth girls. But at least we played a fantastic game! We all played very well. The fans were amazing and supportive for our game, and we all appreciate that. I’m an eighth grader at Monmouth Middle School who plays for the Monmouth girls’ basketball team and so are Melissa Brassard, Danielle Bumann, Daisi Poole, Brianna Hicks, and Addie Ortiz- Burnham. We are all so sad about leaving our coaches to go play basketball in the high school. They have taught us so much through the years and we all thank them for that.

Second place in the Capital Area League is really good, especially for your eighth grade year.

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