There are many places through most houses where doors that slide rather than swing can provide space saving advantages. But genuine pocket doors that slide inside of walls can’t always be installed, due to obstacles such as room configurations.

Homeowners, builders and remodelers are always looking for innovative new ways to enhance existing spaces during home makeovers and room renovations. To meet that demand, Johnson Hardware recently introduced the Series 200WM wall mount door hardware, an exclusively designed system for mounting sliding doors to interior walls.

However, you still gain the advantages that pocket doors offer by using Johnson’s unique hardware system to install a wall mount door. Unlike a normal pocket door, a wall mount door is surface mounted outside the wall. Because it slides on a track, a wall mount door is ideal for locations where space required for a swinging door would be wasted.

It only takes a moment to think of how many of these locations there are in typical households. The obvious ones include baths, kitchens, halls, closets, storage or utility rooms, garage entryways, playrooms and home offices. With imagination, you will come up with many more. The ease of operating wall mount doors also makes them suitable for homes where there are disabled residents.

The Johnson 200 WM Wall Mount Door Hardware makes installation an easy job. No close fitting is required, and the hardware can be readily adapted for particular installations.

Unlike a standard hinged door that requires 8 to 10 square feet of floor space to swing open, a door mounted with the Series 200WM hardware takes up little more space than the thickness of the door. And because the door slides open, a table, chair, desk or other furniture piece can be placed beside the doorway without interfering with the door’s operation.

The heavy-duty Series 200WM wall mount hardware system is rated for commercial and residential use, and can support doors weighing up to 300 lbs. It can be used with doors of any height and virtually any thickness of 1 1/8 inch or greater. The Series 200WM will accommodate single door openings to 96 inches wide and converging door openings to 192 inches wide.

For more information about Johnson Hardware’s heavy-duty wall mount hardware, call (800) 837-5664 or visit:

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