BRUNSWICK – It’s story time again at The Theater Project.

Al Miller, artistic director, will be back Friday, March 27, with stories new and old, appropriate for ages 8 to 80.

You may come in and listen for free, or you can make a contribution to The Theater Project. People are urged to bring canned or boxed food for the community’s food kitchen.

The 45-minute session will include a story about a clown doll that’s thrown away but survives to clown another day. There is also a sick princess who wants the moon and only the king’s jester has a chance of delivering it. And there’s the princess who has to outwit a dragon to bring about a rescue. And finally, an old favorite – “Stone Soup.”

A new generation

Miller has been telling stories since his children were young, and now he’s telling them to their children.

“Storytelling reveals a culture, teaches lessons and has always been popular, and not just with young listeners,” Miller said. “It can engage listeners the way television and DVDs and computers do not. It’s old – ancient, even – but still timely. It still works.”

Storytelling will begin at 7 p.m., or soon after, at the theater at 14 School St. For more information, call 729-8584.

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