College is coming up right around the corner for the Seniors of 09′ and it’s time to start thinking about what your Myspace says about you.

I’m sure you’ve all heard it from your teachers a millions times and maybe even your parents about how you should clean up your profile of unnecessary pictures and text that could display you in a negative way.

Your probably thinking that no one can see your profile because its “private,” well that’s not necessarily true. Just like Tom on Myspace some others also have the right to view private profiles.

When looking at your Mysapce you want to make sure that your not displaying anything that could look negative, remember the people at your college of choice don’t know you as a person and what may be a joke between you and your friends could be offensive to others.

So why not try and use your profile to make yourself look good? In your about me section consider emphasizing your goals in life and displaying your strengths. Add some pictures that will show a positive view on you, for example you could post pictures of you and your family or one of you helping others.

Make sure to block or delete inappropriate pictures such as ones of you being at an outrageous party. Or better yet, don’t place them at all.

Just to prove how this can happen to anyone and to show how serious it is I have found a story to share with you about a person who ruined the chance of getting a degree because of a simple Myspace picture.

A women from Pennsylvania had been attending college for a bachelors degree of science in education and a teaching certificate. She was denied both her bachelors degree and teaching certificate because of a Myspace picture of her with a pirate hat on holding a cup.

Although the picture wasn’t considered offensive by itself, it became offensive once you saw the caption, “Drunken Pirate.” Although this may not be offensive to some people, the degree board found it very inappropriate, especially because she was trying to get a degree in teaching students.

So next time you think about posting pictures of you acting foolish or doing other things that may be offensive to others think to yourself – is it really worth it? I mean if you really think about it, how is that picture going to benefit you in a positive way? Quite simply, it’s not. So do yourself a favor and use your Myspace to make yourself look good and block unnecessary photos. Context is everything.

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