As I took my seat in math I looked at the window. A tree was blowing in the chilly, Maine, wind. It was rather pretty and I couldn’t help but to imagine climbing that very tree and observing the world below. So, I figured if I could go that far why stop there? Why not go to Egypt and climb the great pyramids. Then it hit me. Why go on top of a pyramid, when I could go in it and meet the ghost of one of the greatest Pharaohs in history? Maybe he would show me if there really was, an after-life, or if when you were mummified you were stuck on earth for eternity.

Then I thought of an article I had read in a magazine. it was about naturally preserved bodies in Italy. Boy, I would love to go there. Maybe I could meet an Italian mummy and he could teach me how to speak Italian. That would be spectacular! All of a sudden I realized that if he spoke English then he would probably know other languages because he had been around so long and had been able to travel the world. It almost made me sad to think about being on earth because only few talented people could see you and almost no one could hear your words.

I continued this exploration of my imagination. It was amazing to see what I could dig out of it. After I was done I realized that my imagination had taken me from the top of a tree to the bottom of a volcano, to Atlantis, to Shangri-la, to the beginnings and end of my days, and then to the most dreadful place of all: back in math class.

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