This fluid has been used for years by an Auburn woman and is excellent to add to the water when you wish to bleach sheets, pillow cases and white counterpanes that have yellowed during the winter: Take one pound of potash, one ounce salts of tartar, and one ounce liquid ammonia. Put the salts of tartar and the potash in a gallon of water on the stove and let the ingredients dissolve. When cool, add the ammonia and put the liquid into a jug, which should be corked. A cup of the fluid can be added to 12 gallons of water. Boil the clothes in this lye water, use bluing plentifully, and hang the clothes in the sunshine, leaving them out as long as possible.

This is also good for the regular weekly washing and will not rot the clothes.

50 years ago, 1959

Sherman Lahaie and Sally West, both of Lewiston, were among those members of the Future Teachers of America Chapter at Maine Central Institute, Pittsfield, who took part in a business and planning meeting of the association Monday.

During the session the members catalogued books purchased by the librarian and formulated plans for the remainder of the school year. The group worked under the direction of its faculty advisor, Mrs. Frances Piper.

25 years ago, 1984

With a smile or a few minutes conversation, Eleanor Delisle brightens up the day for many of the elderly Lewiston shut-ins she visits each week. Keeping a pace that would tire an Olympic athlete, dashing up and down stairs, jumping over snowbanks and gliding down slippery sidewalks, Mrs. Delisle delivers both books and companionship to shut-ins as part of the Lewiston Public Library’s outreach program.

When she worked outreach on a full-time basis, Mrs. Delisle made weekly visits to each shut-in. However, budget cutbacks forced the library to reduce its outreach program to a part-time job – for the remainder of her work week, Mrs. Delisle works on the circulation desk.

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