RUMFORD – Two of three papermaking machines at NewPage Corp. will be back up and running Sunday as scheduled.

The third machine, No. 10, will be started up Monday, also as scheduled, to provide extra time for necessary mechanical repairs.

Mill spokesman Tony Lyons said the 10-day shutdown went as expected, with a skeleton crew remaining on site to watch for any unusual activity.

About half of the salaried employees, as well as most of the 800 hourly employees, were out of work for the week.

Lyons said a portion of the co-generator was operating during the week producing a small amount of electricity.

A layoff of 50 salaried employees and about 100 hourly employees was announced in January. So far, Lyons said, all salaried employees have been let go and only a handful of hourly workers remain. They are training their replacements who have seniority.

The final few who will be laid off are expected to be let go before April 14, he said.

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