100 years ago, 1909

A woman and her 10 children, who arrived in Lewiston from Canada less than four months ago, left this city yesterday morning on their homeward trip. They had expected to make Lewiston their home. They liked this city very much and regretted to leave so soon, but it was the wish of Clerk Cronin of the Overseers of Poor and they finally complied. The family had been in Lewiston only two weeks when they called on the city for aid. Mr. Cronin deemed it unwise to encourage them to establish a residence here, and so they were yesterday morning sent to Canada.

50 years ago, 1959

A large sapping operation is taking place in Auburn these days.

Emilian Morin and Son have 1,100 trees tapped on the Garfield Road, two miles from the junction of Minot Avenue.

The sap house is just a few steps off the road and it is a wonderful opportunity for children and grown-ups alike to see how sap from maple trees is boiled into delicious syrup, reports County Agent C. L. Eastman. Syrup is sold at the sap house directly from the evaporator.

Morin and his brother-in-law, Ernest Gilbert, have more than 55 years of sapping experience between them. They were raised in Canada and both their parents ran large sap orchards there.

25 years ago, 1984

Ryan Burgess, a first-grade student at Lewiston’s Montello School, was the first of his class to receive a card back after he and his classmates participated in the “Weekly Reader” balloon launch last week.

The pupils tied cards containing information such as their names and the school’s address to helium-filled balloons and launched them. The cards asked that those who found the balloons write back so class members could determine how far their balloons had traveled.

Burgess received a letter in the mail from Mr. and Mrs. William Graves of Temple, located almost 45 miles from the school.

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