WESTBROOK – Bowler’s Choice Tournament results from March 29 at Colonial Lanes:

1. Matt Corbeau/Bill Duquette (Big 20) 2,376; 2. Bruce Markham (1-7-10)/Kevin Sparks (Colonial) 2,374; 3. Roger Emerson (Colonial)/Andre Gailloux Sr. (Vacationland) 2,356; 4. Eric Lowell/Steve Limmer (Colonial) 2,338; 5. Mel Plummer (Hobbs)/Nate Nealey (Colonial) 2,303; 6. Kathi Hutchinson (Bowl-A-Rama)/Dave Gilbert (1-7-10) 2,278; 7. Tom Penney (Bowl-A-Rama)/Rick Mack (Hobbs) 2,270.

8. Bim Hutchinson (Bowl-A-Rama)/Mike True (Colonial) 2,257.

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