Seven young men acting for the Lewiston School Board under a law requiring a census of the children of the city between the ages of 5 and 21 years to be taken each year, have been appointed and will commence work this week.

The following questions will be asked at each house: The parents’ names; the child’s name; the birthday, day, month and year; the age in years and months on April 1st; the place of birth; nationality; where the child is and what it is doing, whether in the public schools, parochial schools, at home, at work in a factory or if working anywhere else.

Supt. Collins wishes all heads of families become acquainted with these questions as it will greatly aid the enumerators in their work.

50 years ago, 1959

New York City public works employees can’t build sidewalks any better than the ones constructed by Lewiston Public Works Department in the opinion of Assistant Director Lucien Bilodeau.

Bilodeau is on vacation in New York and Washington, but it also appeared to be a business holiday.

In a postcard to his “bosses,” Director George J. Mahar and the Public Works Board, Bilodeau remarked that he spent a couple of hours in New York City watching workers construct a new sidewalk.

“They do no better job than we do.” he added.

25 years ago, 1984

David Harriman will replace Clark Dunlap, who is retiring, as office manager and clerk of the Auburn Water and Sewerage districts.

A 1963 graduate of Lewiston High School and an alumnus of Mid State Business School, Harriman worked for the past 15 years as an accountant for Ernest M. Shapiro and Co. From 1963 to 1967, he served in the U. S. Air Force.

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