Millions of people all over the United States cheer as Barack Obama walks to the the podium. Tripp students and teachers all await the speech our new president gives the country. On January 20, America got it’s first African-American president and Tripp members were there watching. Throughout the school, classes watched projectors, televisions and laptops during the moments when Barack Obama gave his 17 minute speech.

It was a joyous day for people all over America. From speeches, to music, to poetry-we were there to witness it all. It was a great event for us students to watch. A majority of the schools’ students didn’t even know what an inauguration was. The last time that an event like this came around was when we were in third or fourth grade and we didn’t really care much about who was president. Many of the people in the classroom at the time were excited to see this, myself included, and we all hope that he can turn around the economy. This experience was something that you don’t get to watch everyday.

Two of the teams in Tripp even got dressed up! The Wildcats wore anything red, white and blue, and the Siberians dressed up to look their best for the occasion. It was a big deal to Tripp because the next time we will see an inauguration will be when we are juniors and seniors. Back in November, both Tripp Middle School students and teachers got the right to vote. It was set up just like a regular community town house where you would go and really vote. Once all of the votes were tallied, Obama had the lead. It just shows that the people in our school aren’t influenced by what skin color people have, what their age is, or what their religion is. It was a relief to know that we are having a new president. Most people in America are tired of hearing all of the whining about the war and the economic issues. January 20 went down in history for America. People are finally getting over their racism towards others and it is a step forward for us.

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