On the weekend of February 8 and 9, the Jay school system had an end of the season tournament with many different schools from different leagues. Monmouth was invited to attend. When our girls A-team arrived, there were a lot of boys’ and girls’ teams there, too many to remember. We had to play early Saturday morning against Jay. The game was a close one, but Monmouth ended up winning in the last quarter. That was it for Saturday, we didn’t have to play again until Sunday.

When we finally played again, it was against Dirigo. That was a pretty tough game for us, considering they are at about the same level of skill as us. We beat them too. We were on the right track for the trophy, so we were excited. Since we won, we didn’t have to play again for a while, that’s how it works in those tournaments. If you lose, you play right away, if not, you wait a while.

Next for our team was Madison. Madison’s high school beat our high school’s team last season for the title in their league, so it would be like revenge if we played well against them and won, too. Madison was one of the tougher games we played. We weren’t sure if we would beat them, but winning would mean an automatic second-place trophy, and that sounded real nice to us. In the end, the result was one we preferred.

Late Sunday night was our last game of the tournament. Monmouth against Dirigo. We knew they had played four games in a row, so they would be tired, but our coach didn’t want us to get over confident about winning. The game was close, and both teams were tired. In the end, the trophy was ours. We had one the Jay Jams Tournament.

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