Music? Mmm… it could do a lot of things, especially its genre. If it’s something heavy like heavy metal or rock music or whatever, it can change your mood; it could help you get into the mood meaning pumped up for something or it could do … nothing.

Every genre is like this or something like this. And everyone is different with this genre. Like for me, for instance, it’s not heavy metal, not even close. It’s country, oldies, and mixers. Now what’s mixers? Well, it’s my own genre that’s a mix of classic, little hip-hop and sometimes rock. Now you’re wondering, can you have more than one genre that can change your mood or whatever? Yes, is the answer. Whatever you hear, whatever genre you hear, will change something about you in some way. But according to studies, music: genre actually doesn’t change anything about you. It’s just you yourself who’s making it change for you.

Igor Stravinsky has often been quoted for one of his comments stating that music is “powerless to express anything at all.” But years later he says again that music could only express itself. And it’s often the listener who seems to be inspired in specific ways by the music they hear. Now what’s this mean? It means that whatever you hear, and you think it’s “doing something” it technically isn’t doing anything, it’s just YOU.

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