Oh my lovely friend Sierra! Oh, how I can’t live without her!! Nobody can live without friends in their lives. That’s why I have a lot of friends. So, I wont be lonely. The reason why I am writing an article about my best friend Sierra is because she is important to me. She is important to me because she understands everything about me. I can always talk to her if I need to, and when I do talk to her, she gives good comments back to me. Plus, she is always there for me when I need it. Even if it is a bad thing.

If I could say two words about her I would say “honnete” and “gentile.” Yes I know those words are not English! They are French. They mean honest and nice. We learned French adjectives in class. That’s why I put those words in here. There are a lot more adjectives that I can write about her, but those are the few that are her. I also like that we have things in common with each other. Like this year with school, we have the same classes together. I mean every class on every day, we have the same classes. Now that is cool! Also, we can always go to each other if we need help, like if we need help on our homework. I have to say this,too, we both have perfect attendance. So I can say I truly like Sierra as a friend and I hope we will be friends for ever!

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