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Magazine scene: Baby talk gulp! actually good for relationship
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By Sally Dadisman
McClatchy-Tribune News Service
We don’t like baby talk; never have, never will. Even if “The secret language of close couples,” an article in April’s Women’s Health says baby talk is just another way of bonding between you and your cuddle buddy. The magazine enlisted the help of various Ph.D.s and relationship-book authors to share these other tidbits as well:
-Studies show couples with a 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative communication are more likely to remain happy (duh, anyone?).
-Nicknames, baby talk and “coded language” help strengthen your bond and feel more like a unit.
-Pet names show your relationship is exclusive.
-When trying to resolve conflict, goof around and use your sense of humor.
-If you don’t like pet names, just make sure you say “I love you” often.
There’s hope after all. Ninety-one percent of men polled for April’s Women’s Health magazine say they would rather have a second date with no physical action, than a one-night stand with someone they will never see again.
Want to know what makes a guy go crazy… and not always in a good way? Here is a selection of what Women’s Health got the men to say:
-“It’s a real turn-off if you hate your job.” – Derrick A., 28, Raleigh, N.C.
-“It’s great that you want to look good, but if you’re in pain because of your stilettos, then something tells me shoes aren’t the only things you’ll misjudge.” – Carlo D., 23, Martinez, Calif.
-“I like a girl who rocks my world, but then backs off. If I’m into you, those few days after the first date will be excruciating – but totally worth it when we set up the sequel.” – Dan B., 25, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-“Girls who’ve mastered straight-faced banter attract me the most. It’s so much more engaging than when a girl just laughs at all my jokes. It shows me she’s willing to go toe-to-toe.” -Brandon M., 30, Washington, D.C.

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