Have you ever had a secret that you just want to get rid of but you don’t have enough courage to tell it to a close friend, or relative? Well, Frank Warren gives you that opportunity. I recently had gone to one of his lectures. It was this past March, at the Lewiston Middle School, put on by Bates College. He was very interesting. Frank gives you a chance to send your secrets anonymously to him.

This community is called Post Secrets. Thousands of secrets have been sent to Frank Warrens house over the last four years. Each Sunday 20 secrets are scanned onto the post secret website and shared with the public. Four books filled with these anonymous post cards have been published, a new one coming out soon.

They were even featured in a music video by the band The All American Rejects, in which all the money that the video producer offered Frank for the post secrets were given to a suicide prevention hotline, in which Frank devotes his free time to. Over the past four years Frank has visited colleges and bookstores to give lectures about his project and has even been considered “The most trusted stranger in America,” Will you trust him with your secret?

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