I recently read an article called “House Swap,” which talked about how most people today are looking to sell their house. Today in this down economy, it’s not hard to see that most people want to sell their house before they can buy one. But now, it’s too hard to sell a house.

In 2007, Sergei Naumov of St. Augustine, Florida, was looking to sell his house and move to a nearby neighborhood. No one was interested in buying his house. He then started thinking, “There must be someone in our shoes in the town where we want to move who wants to live in our town.” In 2007, he launched goswap.org where 10,000 or more users everyday are trying to swap houses. These swaps could be cross-country or even within your town. Not only does this web site allow you to swap houses, but it also allows you to swap yachts, and RV’s. Both sides have to be approved for loans, however. Swapping houses can be a new way of saving money in your situation.

My opinion on this article: I think this is a fantastic idea and a great way of thinking outside of the box in this economy that has limited everyone across the world! Swapping houses helps out anyone who is looking to sell their house. Sure, it hurts the real estate industry because they are not being marketed as much. But, it’s all about the citizens and making sure they can live through the economy. For example, let’s say you have an older person who lives by herself in a 6-room house. On the other side, let’s say you had a family of 5 living in a 2-bedroom house. If both sides can’t seem to sell their houses, it would only make sense that they could swap houses and both sides would have a better-suited house that could be affordable. Overall, I think that swapping houses is a great idea and more people should check into it.

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