Dear Editor:

Did you know that scientists are prediction that 25% of all animal species will be extinct by 2050? Knowing this, how could anyone even think about lengthening the moose hunting season in Northern Maine for an extra week?

Lengthening the moose hunting season will just speed up the extinction of moose in Maine. I believe killing off this animal to reduce the number of car accidents caused by moose in Maine is going to be a mistake. People should find alternative ways to decrease the number of accidents involving this animal.

Many people hunt moose just for the fun of it, and I don’t think that is right. Considering hunting moose as being a sport is a far stretch. During the hunting season, these animals are defenseless. The moose don’t know that they should run away like a deer does, for example. When the hunter spots them, they basically have no chance at surviving. The only form of hunting that should be tolerated is by people who can’t afford to buy their own food. These are hunters that live off the moose meat to survive. People who just hunt because they want to hang the moose’s head up later are being wasteful and cruel. This is wrong, especially because people are starving in other countries.

Humans have done enough damage to the Earth already, such as causing pollution to skyrocket, global warming caused by that pollution, and using CFC’s which started to diminish the ozone layer. All of these problems were addressed after they started causing negative changes to the Earth. Lets’ not make that mistake again. The Earth’s climate changes cause by pollution are already killing off enough animals. However, if people stop killing these moose,we might be able to save them from an early extinction. This is one extinction that we can stop if we act not later, but now.

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