I’m only in the seventh grade, and the next level up for my school is eighth. The kids in that class are my role models. I was heartbroken when I was thinking of their graduation to high school. They I wouldn’t be here anymore and I’d be forced to go a whole school year without seeing them unless they visit the school. I wanted to cry thinking of this.

Then I started to wonder how they could take moving on to new people who they don’t really know, other than sports. Being there in a huge school; hundreds of more people there. How could they just be thrown in? It must have worked over these years because of all the people who have graduated.

And if it wasn’t bad enough to have-all the different peers around them, the teachers would be different too. Along with different subjects, there be different ways to learn a subject, and a different environment. I know that they try to teach it all the same but it’s just not the same. Most of the kids in my school have been going to Elm Street School since kindergarten.

Maybe it is a high school thing, maybe I’m just panicking but I sure wish that I could bring my teachers up with me to high school; that way it would be so much easier.

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