Dear Editor:

I feel strongly about President Barack Obama’s new economic stimulus proposal. I agree that our economy is obviously bad, and a lot of the big companies need to be bailed out to keep a lot of people employed, but what about all those small companies who employ two-thirds of Americans? They are all going under because of the roller coaster economy!

I don’t think it’s fair for all the small companies going under and ruining their credit at the same time. I think President Obama should make room in the stimulus package for the small businesses in America. I don’t feel that it’s right that companies like AIG get millions of dollars from the government and they don’t have to tell anyone where that money is going, while their employees still have six figure salaries. I think if they really needed that money they should probably cut down their payroll. I think six-figure salaries for employees of a company that is about to go under is way too much and they should have to give that up.

The little businesses have to give a whole lot more than their employee’s payroll. They have to lay off all their employees and file for bankruptcy. Where does that leave

all those people who get laid off? I just think President Obama should revise the stimulus plan a little bit.

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