On Monday, March 23rd the seventh grade class of Philip W. Sugg Middle School boarded busses and were looking forward to a fun and amazing week at the Camp Kieve Leadership School.

Luggage was dropped off at the school on Sunday the 22nd, and teachers made sure that everyone had what would be needed for the week. One whole bus was just for suitcases, backpacks, sleeping bags and pillows!

This trip was the result of a lot of hard work by seventh grade students, teachers, families and community members who spent many hours raising money to cover the cost for 120 students. Bridgett and Fred Oliver at the Kitty Korner Store, in Lisbon, kept a jar near the register; community members supported car washes, suppers, silent auctions and candy sales; families made private donations. Everyone’s help made it possible to attend camp for five days! According to the Kieve website (www.campkieve.com)

“Now annually serving approximately 7,000 students across Maine and hundreds from other states including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. The Leadership School at Kieve combines rigorous and relevant group work, individual reflection, and a host of fun, interactive and adventure-based initiatives to address many of the issues youth face daily, both in and out of the school setting, like:

• bullying

• sexual harassment

• conflict resolution

• stereotypes

• drug and alcohol abuse

At The Leadership School at Kieve, students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to take positive risks, set meaningful goals, make healthy decisions, all while being supportive team members and strong leaders”.

Upon our arrival we sorted our luggage and checked out our cabins. There were 12 students to a cabin, some of whom we got to choose; the rest selected at random. We then had community meeting where we were divided in to two groups; loyalty and courage. Each of these groups was broken down into smaller “grow groups: which were identified by color (red loyalty, blue courage, etc.).

These groups remained the same throughout the week and met several times a day to participate in activities that promoted teamwork, decision making and problem solving. Activities included mazes, rock wall climbing, ropes courses and games.

There was lots of food! We had three meals and three snacks every day and there was a large selection to choose from. They would even make something extra for you if you didn’t like any of the choices available.

There were also two choice times each day where students could select an activity of interest. There was also evening program, which was a time when the camp counselors organized group games like charades and scategories.

The seventh grade class had a once in a lifetime opportunity to play and grow in an supportive and fun environment. The teachers and the counselors worked hard to make this trip a huge success, and the experience is one that every seventh grade student should have.

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