Do you agree with President Obama sending his kids to a public school? Do you think they might have a somewhat “normal” education? Well, everyone has an own opinion about it, but my opinion is looking at a positive point and a questionable point.

My questionable point is that how are they going to be protected in those public schools? Anyone can do anything really, at anytime. I mean the President can send national security, but if they do send guards, then what’s the point of going to a public school? In my opinion, I would want to be able to go to school somewhat “normal” and not have guards be with me wherever I go.

Being the President’s kids is something huge and worthy. It’s a step any kid is willing to deal with to see their mother or father to become the President of the United States. No matter where the kids go, publicity will always be there, and it will find a way to get to see them. It’s like living a “famous” life.

You need to be prepared and to be ready of the unknown. No matter where they go, I think they will always be protected, probably a little less protected in a private school than in a public school. That is why they just need to watch out for themselves. Hopefully, all goes well for the Obama family.

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